Entrepreneurs' untold stories

Or how not to lose your mind, time, money and raise your brainchild through trials

Hello, Friends!

My name is Eugene, and I am happy to see you in my personal sandbox!
My entire conscious (and unconscious) life has been dedicated to my brainchild EGO Creative Innovations agency. I’ve been on both the founders’ and the experts' sides. Here, you’ll dive into my stories, thoughts, musings, mistakes, epic fails, and lessons learned.
I’m sharing everything I’ve picked up on my entrepreneurial journey in the form of dialogues from the minds of two wacky characters – The Founder and the X-Pert.
The Founder
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The Founder
Painful lessons I’ve learned (hopefully).
Not that. Sales, conversions, marketing —
it’s a total disaster!
Okay, okay. Dude, I’m in deep trouble!
Or, a minutes of fun stories.
What's it this time? 🙄
And... They’ll turn you into a battery anyway! 😂